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Condition Management Programs

Chronic disease presents significant challenges to patients, families, providers and the health care system. Our condition management programs are designed to give participants the skills they need to manage their disease effectively and reduce the burden of disease.

The core concept of our program is to empower the participant to self-manage symptoms, treatments, physical and social consequences of the disease, and to promote the lifestyle changes necessary to live with a chronic condition.

Each program is personalized to meet your needs and schedule. You’ll work with a wellness coach who will meet with you one-on-one. Worried about making it to in-person appointments? Don’t be! Our nurses can work with you by phone, or with our easy-to-use telehealth software – secure web-based video conferencing you can access on your smartphone, tablet or any computer with a web-cam. Together, you and your coach will build strategies and goals to help you manage your health condition. Click on any of the program options below to learn more, call us at (585) 275-6300 or email us at urwell.programs@urmc.rochester.edu to see if you are eligible for a condition management program.



Atrial fibrillation (A-fib)

blood pressure*

Chronic obstructive pulmonary
disorder (COPD)

High cholesterol

heart failure (CHF)*

Lower back pain

artery disease (CAD)*


Get Healthier. Get Rewarded.

Did you know that eligible individuals can receive $100 per calendar year upon completion of a condition management program? For more information, visit our incentives page

*Individuals participating in a program to manage these conditions can receive a discount on qualifying prescription medications during the calendar year they completed their program.

For more information about our condition management programs, please give us a call at 585-275-6300 or send an email to urwell.programs@urmc.rochester.edu.