Meet Our Coaches

Lori Austin, MS

Lori has her Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition and provides one-on-one consults to clients, is a mindfulness facilitator, teaches yoga, engages in many public and corporate speaking events, and writes articles and presentations on anything nutrition, health and stress management related. Lori is a registered yoga teacher and has taught yoga since early 2000, concentrating on proper alignment of the body. Positivity, laughter, being mindful and maintaining gratitude color everything Lori does. On a personal note, Lori is an avid reader, cook, gardener, traveler and hiker and loves to be outside as well as being involved in all things exercise related.

Wellness tip: Listen to your body and mind. Truly listen. Is it thirsty, does it need to move, what is it hungry for? Feed yourself well, in all aspects of life. Disregard junk. Whatever is introduced into your body and mind should uplift and support you in every way.

Lauren Baughman, BSN RN

Lauren graduated from University at Buffalo’s accelerated Bachelor’s in nursing program in 2012. With a background in medical surgical nursing she came to work for UR Medicine’s Employee Wellness department in 2016, performing biometric screenings and coaching clients one-on-one in the condition management program. She is currently enrolled part-time in a family nurse practitioner program. She is a vegetarian and believes in the power of whole food plant based diets to promote good health. In her leisure time she enjoys travelling, watching television (guilty!), a night out, spending time with her pets and loved ones, yoga, cooking, and running.

Wellness tip: Prepare and pack your lunch! It will help you to make more conscious and healthier food choices compared to buying out.

Kwasi Boaitey, MS

Kwasi is a physical trainer with a Masters in Social Work. He joins our team as an expert in stress reduction and innovative mindfulness techniques. In his spare time, Kwasi works as a TEDx Rochester curator and enjoys Yin Yoga and running.

Wellness tip: " If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm ". - African Proverb

Heather Gostling, MS, BSN, RN

Heather graduated with her bachelors in nursing from SUNY Brockport in 2008 and began working at UR as a pediatric nurse shortly after. She obtained her masters in healthcare leadership and management from the UR School of Nursing in 2011. Heather has been active since she was a child and strives to live a healthy lifestyle each day. Heather began working for UR Medicine Employee Wellness in 2012. She is a certified health and wellness coach and is currently enrolled part-time in the family nurse practitioner program at the UR School of Nursing. Heather’s two small children are the center of her life. During her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends, running, practicing yoga, traveling, hiking, cooking, and taking a variety of fitness classes at the gym.

Wellness tip: Each day, set at least one positive goal for yourself and write it down. Even if it seems small, something is better than nothing. Schedule time in your day or make a to-do list to help achieve this goal.

Vickie Lauffer, BS, RN

Vickie has been a registered nurse for 40 years and has been with the Center for Employee Wellness the last 4. On her journey to become a certified health and wellness coach, Vickie took a look at her own lifestyle and began her own wellness journey. Since that time she’s lost 40 lbs., is exercising regularly and is able to play with her grandchildren without getting short of breath. She has a passion for teaching and thoroughly enjoys helping individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes. Family is at the center of Vickie’s life and she spends her spare time caring for her three grandsons, hiking and walking.

Wellness tip: Keep moving – any way you can! Dance while you’re cooking!

Katie Niebuhr, MS, EP-C, C-PT

Katie is an exercise physiologist for UR Medicine Center for Employee Wellness where she provides personalized recommendations and exercise prescriptions for those with chronic conditions. Katie received her Masters of Science in Kinesiology & Health from Miami University in Ohio. She has worked with everyone from first time exercisers to endurance athletes to help them achieve their goals and live healthier lifestyles. Katie’s passion lies in the impact physical activity has on the body and mind, as well as its influence on other healthy behaviors. When Katie is not working, you will most likely find her outside hiking mountains, running on trails, or curled up under a tree with a good book.

Wellness Tip: Start every morning with a glass of water and a good full body stretch! Your glass of water will help rehydrate you after your body has spent the night recovering and a full body stretch will increase circulation and wake up the body in a nice and relaxing manner. This one-two punch will help you conquer your day the right way!