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Stroke Management

A stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is limited by a blocked blood vessel or when a blood vessel bursts and causes bleeding in the brain. The interruption of blood flow to that part of the brain stops oxygen from getting to the brain itself and causes cell damage and even cell death. This can occur within minutes after onset of symptoms. Everyone should know how to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Remember FAST symptoms:

F = Face: uneven smile, facial droop or numbness.
A = Arm: one arm drifts and is weak or numb.
S = Speech: Slurred speech.
T = Time: call 911 immediately to get help. This can save your life or prevent more severe brain damage from occurring.

In our condition management program, we offer help to individuals who have already suffered a stroke. Our program is an opportunity for individuals who have suffered a stroke to learn self-management techniques and lifestyle changes to deal with the consequences of a stroke. Our condition management nurses are ready to help individuals who have suffered a stroke learn to cope by:

  • Increasing knowledge about consequences of a stroke
  • Providing strategies to allow for self-management and lifestyle changes
  • Help managing co-morbid conditions that may develop from a stroke
  • Review current medications and treatments
  • Help to develop personal goals and successful strategies to manage functional deficits of a stroke

All of our condition management programs are personalized to meet your needs and schedule. You’ll work with a wellness coach who will meet with you one-on-one. Worried about making it to in-person appointments? Don’t be! Our nurses can work with you by phone, or with our easy-to-use telehealth software – secure web-based video conferencing you can access on your smartphone, tablet or any computer with a web-cam. Together, you and your coach will build strategies and goals to help you manage your health condition. Call us at (585) 275-6300 or email us at urwell.programs@urmc.rochester.edu to learn more and to see if you are eligible.