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Lifestyle Management Weight Maintenance Program

Many of us have been there — taken off the weight, only to put it back on, plus some. It can be discouraging. But, there's good news: If getting to and maintaining your healthy weight are among your health goals, you have come to the right place.

We have a team of experts and a proven approach for those who have lost weight and want to keep it off or lose more. The approach is based on results from research studies which have shown that adopting a healthier lifestyle through exercise and nutrition can help you maintain a healthy weight. It has worked for many people and it can work for you, too! Our supportive team of physicians, registered dietitians and social workers are here to help you eat healthier and be physically active.

What We Offer

  • No-cost group programs in multiple, convenient locations.
  • Helpful information and tools to help you continue to make healthy eating choices without depriving yourself of the foods you love.
  • New ideas to help you maintain or increase the amount of physical activity you are getting.
  • Useful techniques to help you avoid and manage some of the life stressors that can derail your best efforts.
  • Continued support and encouragement all along the way!

Get Started

Our lifestyle management programs are available at various locations throughout the year. Check out the schedule of upcoming programs, confirm your eligibility, and enroll online. If you have any questions, give us a call at (585) 530-2050 or email us at urwell.lifestyle@urmc.rochester.edu.

Get Rewarded

To jump-start your efforts in leading a healthier lifestyle, eligible* individuals can receive a $100 incentive once per calendar year for completing a lifestyle management program. Find out if you're eligible by viewing Well-U's eligibility guide.