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Lifestyle Management Stress Reduction Program

If managing multiple demands on time and simply getting through your day has become a challenge, stress management may be of help. Our no-cost stress reduction programs help participants handle stressful events in ways that result in more balance, stability, and personal satisfaction.

What We Offer

Stress Reduction: 4-Week Group Program: Group stress reduction programs aim to help participants better understand their stressors, make plans of action to garner greater support to reduce these stressors, and identify different pathways to change those things that are more difficult to control. This group meets weekly for 1-hour sessions over a 4 week period.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: 6- or 8-Week Group Program: Group mindfulness-based stress reduction programs introduce the benefits of thinking differently about stressful situations, learning to live more "mindfully" (moment-to-moment awareness) and taking time to "be still" through different meditation techniques. This group meets weekly for 2 hours for 6 or 8 weekly sessions (depending on the program you select).

Get Started

Our lifestyle management programs are available at various locations throughout the year. Check out the schedule of upcoming programs, confirm your eligibility, and enroll online. If you have any questions, give us a call at (585) 530-2050 or email us at urwell.lifestyle@urmc.rochester.edu.

Get Rewarded

To jump-start your efforts in leading a healthier lifestyle, eligible* individuals can receive a $100 incentive once per calendar year for completing a lifestyle management program. Find out if you're eligible by viewing Well-U's eligibility guide.