How does the Depression Coaching & Self-Management program differ from Behavioral Health Partners, and which program is right for you? Take a look at the chart below, or call (585)275-6300 to speak with a program representative who will help you decide.


CM Depression

Behavioral Health Partners

Who would you see? Work one-on-one with a registered nurse wellness coach to better understand your depression and how your lifestyle habits affect your mood. BHP uses a team-based approach, including a licensed mental health professional to treat your depression, anxiety, and/or stress. You may also see a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner for medication management, if needed.
What is the goal? Develop confidence in your ability to manage your depression by learning lifestyle skills that can help you achieve a better balance in your mood and your life. Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve your daily function through psychotherapy and/or medication.
What is addressed in the sessions? Set personal goals and learn how nutrition, exercise, sleep and other healthy behaviors can help improve your mood. Your treatment plan will include proven psychotherapy techniques to treat your depression and/or anxiety. You will also have access to a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner for medications as needed.
Communication with primary care provider Wellness coaches communicate with your Primary Care Provider with your permission at the beginning and end of your program. Your treatment team at BHP will work with your Primary Care Provider to ensure basic information about your progress and medications are communicated to your provider.
How many times will we meet? Program is typically 5 to 8 sessions, including sessions with a nutritionist and exercise specialist. An episode of care at BHP is typically 12 to 18 sessions.
Will it cost me anything? There is no out-of-pocket cost for eligible individuals. You will earn a $100 incentive upon program completion. YOUR PPO Plan: Services received through BHP are not subject to the annual deductible and are covered at 100% by the Plan (i.e., there is no out-of-pocket cost). YOUR HSA-Eligible Plan: Services received through BHP are subject to the annual deductible and are covered at 100% after the deductible is met. View full eligibility.