What's the Hype?

“I just wanted to say "Thank you" to Ging for being such an exceptional person and resource while she guided me through my nutritional education AND coaching me through my goals. She was always easy to talk with and realistic about what to expect. Thanks again for all your support. I think you deserve a few Strong Stars!!!”

“This was the best screening experience I have had yet. The gentleman who conducted my screening was efficient, personable and compassionate - a difficult way to be when you are in an open room with a fabric partition trying to maintain your patient's privacy - but he did - and he made me feel like he cared. Thank you to him.”

"Both times I had my biometric screenings the women were very knowledgeable in ALL problems that I was eligible to sign up for. They were also very clear in explaining the areas that could use improvement. The incentive is the only reason I went to the first biometric screening. After finding out all the information the biometric screening could give me is what made me sign up for my second biometric screening (the one I am taking this survey for now); not just the incentive that is given."

"This is the second year I had the same RN do my biometric screen and she was amazing. She remembered me from the previous year which was so nice considering all the people she meets."

"I had my biometric screening today. Maureen was really great! She took the time to address my questions and thoroughly go over my results. She made recommendations and showed me the additional services available through Well-U. I appreciate the time she gave me to discuss what was important to me. I've been actively working toward and tracking my health goals. My time with Maureen affirmed my progress and motivated me to continue to work toward improving my health. Meliora!"

"The thing I liked most was the comfort, care and transparency I felt with my coach. Our meetings felt very personalized and the environment she created was always warm and welcoming. As the sessions went on I really grew to trust Lauren and value her feedback and opinions."

"Katie helped me with back pain management and finding resources in Rochester (exercises, meal planning, gym membership). She helped me make a plan to stay fit, which improved all areas of life, including work performance."

"There is something to be said about someone that enjoys their job and does it well. I had the pleasure of completing my biometric screening with Robin this past week, and was so impressed by the overall experience. While completing my screening, Robin was very engaging, thoughtful, and resourceful. She made it a point to highlight the achievements that I have made in transitioning to a plant-based diet which was so nice to hear. She provided useful information and great insight. She truly exemplifies the ICARE values, and I was so glad that I had the pleasure of working with her. Job well done, Robin!!"