“Ging was super knowledgeable and supportive as a condition management coach. Chronic health conditions are affected by so many aspects of our lives and I really appreciated the holistic approach!”

“At the end of my biometric screening, Sam reviewed the results and provided advice for lowering my cholesterol and encouraged me to set a new fitness goal. He was very professional and efficient. Based on this experience, I will encourage others to get their biometric screening done!”

"Joseph helped me with nutrition choices. He gave me needed information that will help for the rest of my life. Thank you, Joseph!"

“Catherine changed my life. Through the Well-U program she provided me with SPECIFIC nutritional information that I have not heard anywhere else. Today, so much of the nutritional information presented is generic and I find it difficult to apply this knowledge to MY lifestyle. Catherine reviewed my lifestyle and explained the areas that needed attention and suggested alternative ways eat healthy while not making it something that would be painful or hard to sustain.”

"Robin has made an invaluable, essential, monumental contribution to my health and wellness. She is an extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, caring, empathetic, and encouraging individual to work with. She listened closely to me and the struggles I was experiencing."

“Mitchell made me really focus on my goals, but equally remind me to not take on too much so that I wasn't successful.”

"Everybody was so nice throughout the process. Dorothy was the nurse who attended me and she was great! Talk about getting the right person at the right time. Also, I'm very grateful for the programs Well-U offers its employees. They are really great and beneficial."

"Ging helped me with Condition Management and staying healthy. During challenging Covid 19, she helped me cope with onset asthma and overall wellness (nutrition & exercise) . Was able to loose 10 pounds. Her guidance and knowledge was very much appreciated."

"It is a well thought out program. Special Kudos to the RN Christopher Foote who was my RN for this screening. He was calm, professional, and explained everything very well without being preachy. He is a great asset to your program."

Samuel completed my biometric screening with me. He was absolutely wonderful. He clearly went over all my results, and ways I can improve my stress levels, eating habits, and my physical activity. I appreciate Sam being so involved and wanting to do his job to the best of his ability! Thank you for the great experience.