Why UR Medicine?

Evidence Based

Our programs are developed and refined using methods that have been demonstrated by research to be effective. Our program outcomes are assessed by academic research analysts to further inform program success and opportunities for refinement. With this data, we can achieve even better results and ensure you are investing in what works best for your organization.

Our Team

Team of people in lab coats and suits

UR Medicine Employee Wellness was created by nationally-recognized health experts, using the latest research on wellness, motivation, and employee engagement. We draw from a team of scholars, clinical leaders, educators, and population health analysts.

Each of your employees will have access to a multidisciplinary team from the University of Rochester School of Nursing. Each specialist brings a breadth of expertise and knowledge.

  • Registered nurses who are certified in wellness coaching
  • Fitness specialists certified in exercise physiology and personal training
  • Nutritionists specializing in nutritional protocols to help manage multiple disorders
  • Stress and mindfulness experts

Partnership with Employers

We don't want to simply be an outside expert. We want to partner with you to successfully improve the health of your employees. We begin by gaining an understanding of your organization's wellness culture, experience and goals. We visit your location to get a first-hand look at your environment and company culture.

We use this information to determine which programs would most benefit your employees. In the future, our strategies can be modified based on your organization's results, which we collect and analyze. We review results with you, and use the data to determine how we can continue to achieve the best results for your organization.

Your organization will have a dedicated Client Engagement Manager to ensure seamless program implementation and ongoing program management. Your Client Engagement Manager stays in touch with you to ensure you are always getting the most out of your wellness program.

Communication and promotion to your employees

You've found the best wellness program for your organization. How do you make sure your employees know about it and get involved? Building employee awareness of program offerings and personal benefits of participation is a key step in engagement. We develop a communication strategy to promote program awareness throughout your organization. Then, we distribute our materials in ways that best reach your employees, whether it is digital or print.

Our marketing materials help encourage and maintain employee participation in the wellness program.

Building a culture of wellness

We offer employees convenient ways to access wellness resources, get more active, and get questions answered.

  • Wellness Workshops - interactive and engaging presentations on a variety of topics, such as emotional wellbeing, nutrition, prevention, sleep, and exercise.
  • Yoga and fitness sessions at employer site.
  • Online Wellness Portal allows individuals to get answers to their health and wellness questions from one of our wellness coaches.
  • Fitbit integration - employees have the option to sync their Fitbit to their personal wellness portal and share their activity with their wellness coach to establish goals and monitor achievement.

Excellus Partnership

UR Medicine Employee Wellness program is a preferred wellness provider for Excellus Health Plan, offering eligible employers the following services fully covered through claims, with no copay or out of pocket costs to employees. More information on what can be covered by Excellus.

Who We Serve

We serve a diverse population of workers. From school districts to manufacturing sites to health care providers and more. Our customized programs are delivered to meet unique needs of a diverse workforce. We provide comprehensive services to organizations that range from 50 employees to 25,000 employees.